Cooling System & Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Like our body – A Vehicle needs to be cool too

A vehicle’s cooling and air conditioning system is required to maintain the vehicle in peak condition whilst keeping you comfortable inside the cabin – regardless of the temperatures outside.

Cooling System And Airconditioning

A non-functional cooling system can be extremely costly as overheating could mean catastrophic engine damage, so keeping these systems in check will not only keep you comfortable inside, but will also keep your engine internals safe and running smoothly. Routine maintenance such as coolant fluid flushes and air conditioning re-gassing will keep everything lubricated and prevent any damage that corrosion can bring to engine internals. At Exalt’d Automotive, we can do all these services for you and it’s also a part of our safety inspection – so why not trust us with your vehicle – as you know you will be in safe hands with our meticulous technicians.


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