Engine Reconditioning

Engine Reconditioning

Even Your Engine Internals Age Too Though You Probably Don’t Realise It!

Engine internals work hard to give your vehicle the power to make your vehicle move. Over time, the internals also wear out due do different reasons such as friction. As the precious metals break down over time in your engine, older cars start to show their age by blowing smoke or lacking power due to worn piston rings and bearings or the like. The team at Exalt’d Automotive are well versed in engines and rebuilding engines, and can definitely help to test as well as repair and rebuild engines. With our extensive range of specialist tools, we will have your engine purring again like it did out of the factory, should it need to be rebuilt. We even do specialist performance builds from time to time, so why not call us to discuss your dream engine – and we may be able to make it happen!

Engine Reconditioning

From time to time though, premature wear happens due to coolant leaks or something similar. In these cases, the head gasket is the probable cause of engine failure. Symptoms of this include hard starting, rough running, lack of coolant or even grey-black smoke blowing through the exhaust. We can also fix this issue promptly and cost effectively. So why not give us a call today to diagnose your engine issue – who knows – it might save you a breakdown and headaches in the long run.


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