Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension

Your steering and suspension components are probably the most forgotten and neglected part of your vehicle. As they wear down slowly and only need to be replaced periodically, many drivers fail to recognise the wear happening with these components. Yet these components could be the difference between avoiding a sticky situation and getting into a sticky situation, so it’s worth taking care of your steering and suspension components.


From steering rack ends to tie rod ends, all these are normally grease filled and use ball joints to steer your vehicle. However over time, the stress and strain involved with turning your vehicle causes these to have excessive movement, which in turn makes your steering feel vague and in some cases even cause uneven wear of your tyres. Checking and replacing these components will keep your steering in fully functional so you will be able to maximize the control of your vehicle. Also, for those vehicles fitted with hydraulic power steering, power steering fluid changes and additives also assist with the longevity of the life of the steering system.

Steering And Suspension


From shock absorbers to control arms and caster arms, all these components are mainly rubber based. They harden over time and start cracking, causing creaking noises as well as excessive articulation of the bushes, translating into wayward vehicle stopping and steering. Shock absorbers also lose gas as well as fluid over time, and can cause excessive wear of tyres as well as a bouncy ride and shuddering – which in turn affects your braking capacities and safety.

Constant checking of these systems as well as replacing these components, though expensive and labour intensive, will keep you safe and help with your vehicle dynamics as well as safety and braking.Knowing these facts about your vehicle’s steering and suspension, why risk your safety? Call Exalt’d Automotive today and we will be happy to assist you in testing and repairing your steering and suspension systems to keep you and your car safe and secure.


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