Keeping Your Gears Running Smoothly and Reliably

Auto / Cvt / Dsg / Dct / Tc-sst Transmission

Auto transmissions wear over time, and though manufacturers have you believe that it is filled with ‘lifetime’ lubricants, we at Exalt’d Automotive have seen otherwise. Nothing lasts forever, and as lubricants lose their additives and friction modifiers, it causes grinding of gears and eventual break down of clutch packs and the like – this ends you up with clunky gear shifting and eventual failure.


Our expert team are equipped with the tools and knowledge to best keep your auto transmission running smoothly and reliably so you don’t break down. We recommend transmission servicing at no longer than 60,000km (depending on conditions) to keep the transmission safe from any premature wear and damage. If your transmission is damaged though, we are also here to help. We can rebuild your transmission in most cases, getting you back on the road sooner.


Manual Transmission / Clutch

Clutches are a wear and tear item, and need periodical changing depending on usage and driving style. Our expert technicians are always willing to help out in choosing the right type of clutch for your needs, in order to match your driving style. However, if the clutch is not changed in time or hard shifting has been causing issues with your gearbox, we at Exalt’d Automotive are also there to help.

From servicing of your manual gearbox, to overhauling the internal gears – we can do that all for you. So if your gears are grinding and it’s grinding you up the wrong way, why not give us a call today and our friendly staff will be more than willing to help you solve your gearing issues.


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