Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust System Repairs

Keeping our environment safe and your vehicle fuel efficient

Did you know that your exhaust system actually affects the fuel efficiency of your vehicle? You may not think that they are related, but an effective exhaust system helps your vehicle to breathe properly, and thus your vehicle will achieve better fuel economy. As part of your routine servicing, a good mechanical workshop will also check the performance of your emissions systems.

Exhaust System Repairs

This is a requirement of the Environmental Protection Agency, and it also saves you from expensive costs due to clogged particulate filters or catalytic converters. At Exalt’d Automotive, we have the tools to check and clean injectors as well as all relevant emission systems, as well as replacement mufflers and piping – so we can keep your vehicle running efficiently and smoothly, saving you money and costly break downs. So if you are having troubles with a vehicle using excessive fuel or not quite running correctly (be it petrol or diesel), give us a call and well be more than happy to assist you solve your exhaust and emissions issues.


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